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We believe in life after debt!

We focus on a variety of debt solutions tailored to your financial needs.

Who are we?

DebtBüddy is a specialist debt management company founded in 2018. We provide trusted advice and the best, affordable debt management solutions. With DebtBüddy, you will save money, get the best debt advice, and learn to clear your debt with a tailored debt management plan. Everyone deserves a second chance at building a financially healthy life and future for themselves and their families – start your future with DebtBüddy!

Why DebtBüddy?

More and more South Africans are getting into debt and need help! Not only will we help protect your assets, but you will also pay less on your debt monthly.

We focus on a variety of debt solutions with you at the centre. As your Büddy, we have your back with tailored plans based on your unique financial needs, and our passionate team will support you in shaping your dream financial future.